Heating Fixes For Your Sunroom

Does your sunroom get so chilly in the winters that you are unable to use it? Well, if you have a 3-season sunroom, then probably it’s time to upgrade and use it even in the winters. Just with some heat fixes, your sunroom can become useful even in the coldest weather.

So, why not hire sunroom contractors in Modesto, CA, and get some heat fixes made to your sunroom? To help you with the same, here are some of the heating solutions that can come in handy to you.

Invasive and Major Fixes

Ventless Fireplace

The addition of a ventless fireplace is one of the best things that you can do. It does not just look much clean and classy; it also appears to be cozy and changes the ambiance and temperature of any place.

Extending the Ductwork

You might think that this should have been done during the sunroom installation. You are right! However, you can still get it done after your sunroom is all furnished.

Electric Baseboards

In cases where extension of ductwork is not a feasible option, you can always opt for the installation of electric baseboards. This option can be highly energy-efficient and will insulate your sunroom well too.

Simple and Quick Fixes

Portable Fireplace/Heater

If the installation of a fireplace is too much work, you can always opt-in for a portable heating device. It will not occupy space in the offseason and can be used when required. These can be a wooden stove, electric fireplace, space heater, or patio heater too.

sunroom contractors in Modesto, CA

Warm Material

The flooring of a sunroom plays an important role in deciding if the sunrooms get cold in winters or not. If you have tiles or woodwork in the flooring, you can simply get a warm carpet to insulate the room.


Insulating your sunroom to get more out of that places does not require excessive work. While you can indulge in extensive and invasive projects by hiring contractors, you can also opt for temporary and quick fixes.

So, why not make the most of your sunroom even in chilly winters when you can.