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Tips For When You Get A Generator

A generator is a great thing to have especially if you are prone to losing your power from storms or other situations.  When we decide on getting a generator there are a few things that you will want to take into consideration.  Before generator installation in La Crosse, WI can be done, look at these points.

Where will you install it?

generator installation in La Crosse, WI

You need to have a good location to install your generator.  Typically, these generators are quiet and don’t make a lot of noise, but older ones still do.  To help minimize noise, consider keeping it away from windows or other areas that we frequent.  It may be a good idea to install it on the far end of the house where no one goes.

What size do you need?

You want to get a generator that will work long and supply power to all of the devices that we have in our home.  IF we get a generator that is under powered then it will work too hard and burn out.  If we get one that is too powerful, then we are just wasting fuel and not getting what we put into it back.

You really need to talk about the size and what you need to have accomplished.  Talk to your rep before purchasing to ensure that you are getting the best generator for your price.

Fuel records

Your generator will need fuel.  It is going to be your job to ensure that you keep good fuel records to ensure that you know when it needs to be filled and how much you are using it.  If you discover that you are using your generator more than expected then you will want to budget more frequent fuel deliveries or have extra fuel on site.

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